REDSCAN is an innovative laser scanner for intrusion applications. It’s able to detect the distance, size and speed of a moving subject and process this information through a sophisticated algorithm that avoids annoying false alarms. Only one REDSCAN is capable of controlling, if mounted horizontally, a surface of 30 meters radius for 190 ° amplitude that corresponds to more than 1,400 m2 or, mounted vertically, creates a very narrow curtain effect detection area of 60 meters. Inside the detection area, you can manually or automatically define the zone that will generate the alarm, which may also have a complex shape.

REDSCAN has 4 independent outputs that can be associated with 4 distinct detection areas, an ideal feature to automatically control the positioning of a Speed-Dome on the area where the alarm was detected. The RLS-3060-SH version also has an IP interface with 8 independent outputs for connection to remote video applications.