No one in his life would want to be stolen. To be robbed means being deprived of things we care about, and being violated in the intimacy of your own home or in the certainty of your own business.

Rely on Pemac, an activity leader in video surveillance and antitheft systems, is the best choice you can do if you keep your safety. Pemac systems, in fact, integrate several components to ensure the best protection against any kind of intrusion or theft.

Images collected by cameras can be sent to your personal computer from which they will be sent – if you wish – to your mobile phone with GPRS / UMTS technology so you can personally and in real time check your home, even when you are away .

Intrusion control systems can also be integrated with motion sensors, which ensure maximum protection. There are wired, wireless, telegraphic and telegestive for residential, commercial, industrial banking and military installations. Products with the IMQ-Alarm mark, made in accordance with CEI standards.
An Intrusion detection system consists of 5 essential parts:


It’s the heart of the plant. It receives the alarm signals from the sensors and sends them to the alerts. It manages the input and output times of delayed zones, siren times, and keys for turning the system on and off, using wired or wireless technology.


Easy installation and operation, along with high flexibility and advanced connectivity, are the core of the SPC system architecture. This is a real hybrid alarm system with 8 built-in wired zones and an optional wireless receiver that can communicate with SiWay detectors, providing greater security against interference and sabotage. The range includes 3 switchboards, with 8 expandable zone inputs, 32, 128 and 512, respectively, also available with built-in TCP / IP networking for a static or dynamic address Ethernet connection that allows control, programming and remote diagnostics.

The units are equipped with 6 outputs, up to 2 serial ports and 2 connectors for connection to the PSTN or GSM modem. You can expand the system by adding expansion modules or keyboards connected to the ring network. The communication bus can reach up to a maximum distance of 400 m from each module. All power plants allow a “real” subdivision of the system, enabling multi-area and multi-user solutions. Multi-user systems can bring multiple user codes to the Monitoring Centers and allow separate notification (SMS) to specific users.

For added security, access to the Web server is also subdivided by verification for each user. All SPC range plants are designed according to the new European standards EN50131, allowing installations that are fully conforming to them. With its simple programming, three levels of communication and intuitive operation, the SPC system brings anti intrusion security to a new level of integration, connectivity and flexibility in every situation.


The Sintony series intrusion systems are the ideal solution for organizations wishing to invest wisely in security. Modular and scalable, it has as key element ease of use and adaptability with any system in intrusion detection. Simple and fast to install or use, wired or wireless, the family of Sintony series drives can also be programmed using software, making it able to adapt to the individual needs of each application.


Specifically designed for home and small businesses, this multifunctional security system combines security and comfort features on a single system, making it the right choice for those seeking intelligent intrusion detection, total security, and maximum comfort. Its sleek control panel and keyboard are the core of the system, both wired and wireless: SMS alerts, water leak detection, or even lighting control are just some of the features that IC60 offers, so you are be sure that wherever you are, your home or business is in safe hands. IC60 is simple and reliable.

General Performance

  • Quick and easy installation and programming
  • Onboard Ethernet port and integrated Web server for configuration, diagnostics and remote control
  • Keyboard with intuitive guided menu
  • Plug-in PSTN and GSM modems directly insertable on main board
  • Multi-User / Multi-Tenant Management
  • Quick programmer for USB port for saving and transferrining configuration
  • Complete range from small to large installation with a single product line
  • Keypads with two-line alphanumeric blue backlit display and symbols indications
  • SMS Management on GSM
  • IP ready for connection to your corporate network or home Internet
  • Integrated Web server for system control through a web browser
  • Keyboards with integrated proximity reader for system on / off
  • SMS messaging alarm through GSM modem
  • Remote access via telephone line or Internet connection
  • Expandable system that allows you to be familiar with the system in the transition from small to large
  • SiWay Wireless Receiver
  • SPC-PRO programming software
  • Home automation with X devices


They can be numeric keys, electronic keys or remote controls. They are designed to enable / disable or partially disassemble the system
From keyboards you can also the exclude zones, view events of the memory and allow the user, according to the permissions, to independently manage their system.


These are electronic devices that detect the presence of the intruder in the property. The type of sensors varies depending on the environments to be protected:

Passive Infrared Sensors
They detect temperature changes in the environment due to “hot” body movements. They are particularly suitable for small and medium sized civilian positions.

Microwave sensors
They detect the movement of masses in the environment. They are suitable for large areas and high risk places.

Dual technology sensors
The most sophisticated devices combine the two previous detection technologies minimizing unreliable alarms due to environmental factors. They are particularly suitable for industrial and commercial environments. Intelligent signal analysis of reliable, modern design detectors protects you from unpleasant surprises. All components are available for installation with or without wireless.


These are the devices that alert the alarm in progress:

Alarm siren
The high sound impact works both as a deterrent surprise by the intruder and as a signal for the intervention. The flashing light indicates precisely the location of the burglary.

Telephone dialer
At alarm time, it automatically calls a set of pre-set phone numbers by sending a voice message or sms that indicates where the theft occurred.


When you want to increase the degree of protection of a property, the best solution is to “alarm” the outer perimeter of the property with:

There are various types of outdoor protection :


The VX series outdoor detectors allow you to realize an external protection of maximum reliability.
Thanks to the 2 pyroelectric sensors that work in parallel, the VX series detectors are able to eliminate false alarms caused by small animals, sudden showers of rain and other external disturbances.
The correct installation and calibration of the detector allows to obtain an accurate control of the detection range. Sensitivity adjustament, pulse counting, temperature compensation circuit, and dual conductive shielding ensure high performance VX detectors.
VX series outdoor detectors are the optimal alarm systems for the protection of balconies, terraces, perimeters of villas and outdoor areas of various nature. Also available in “rec” version, with a pre-recorded warning message of invasion of protected area.


Active infrared mini barriers represent the most advanced aesthetically and versatile solution that currently offers the market to provide perimeter protection of a passage.
Each pair consists of 2 similar units to be installed on the sides of the gate to be protected. In the houses are normally installed between the inner window and the outer door. They consist of a transmitting unit and a receiver. The transmitter unit emits a coded infrared sequence that is received from the other unit.
Made of high quality aluminum, they are robust and durable. Thanks to the reduced step between the spokes, they are highly secure. By the small size (25.0 × 20.0 mm section) they are not visible and aesthetically pleasing.
They are available in varying heights from 40 to 244 cm. The maximum operating range (outside) varies from 1 to 12 meters.
They are equipped with a self-aligning and self-regulating system. An alarm signal LED and the “Plug and Play” fixing mode make installation simple and fast.
They are equipped with a self-aligning and self-regulating system. A new active infrared barrier does not require any synchronous spinning since each radius is recognized by differentiated optical codes. In fact, there is an Optical Synchronism with assignment of different and unique codes to each of the rays.

The new active infrared barriers do not require any synchronous spinning because each beam is recognized by differentiated optical codes. In fact, there is an Optical Synchronism with assignment of different and unique codes to each rays.
All operation is managed by a microprocessor that before generating an alarm, takes into account the interruption of a given number of rays and its speed, discriminating as much as possible between accidental interruptions and caused by intrusion attempts.


Series of dual-beam active infrared barriers, equipped with high-quality optics for high performance. The alarm signal is obtained by simultaneously interrupting two rays. Equipped with automatic gain control (AGC), crossover speed regulation, quartz oscillator for increased signal stability. Ranges ranging from 25, 50, 100, 150 meters.


The microwave barrier system operates with two separate elements, a transmitter and a receiver, which create a protective barrier with a range varying from 15 meters to 200 meters. A wide range of installation modes always ensures maximum operational effectiveness whatever the area to be protected.

The system is equipped with signal processing circuits designed to ensure perfect operation even in adverse environmental conditions.


The Ground Perimeter System, the GPS system, is the ideal solution for any external perimeter protection needs.
It is completely installed below the ground level and is therefore particularly suitable for applications where high immunity to air conditions (airports, refineries, industries, military installations) is required and respect for the aesthetic rights of the place (monuments, museums, private homes).
The underground GPS sensor tubes, thanks to their flexibility, can follow a casual run, making it impossible to detect the protection.