CCTV video surveillance

Closed-circuit television is the best system to ensure the safety of an environment. From a broader perspective of global security, the video surveillance system should be considered as a key component but not as the definitive system.

The combination of an anti-theft system and a CCTV system increases asset protection to a high security level and guarantees the result. The quality and efficiency of such a system are determined by the goodness of the equipment used and the strategy with which they are installed in the field. Through a CCTV system you can immediately see the causes of the alarm and effectively control your values. Additionally, even for this type of implant, the deterrent factor is deterred, which discourages the intruders from being filmed and recorded. There are several equipment that make up a CCTV system.

Different video image transmission systems are available in relation to the requirements and the technical characteristics:

– Coaxial cable and two-wire cable
– optical fiber (multi / mono modal)
– public switched networks (ISDN, GSM)
– network IP
– wireless and infrared wireless systems

CCTV system in order

To be considered in accordance with a CCTV system it has to answer three simple questions:

1) Is it installed as a rule by using materials compliant with the regulations?

2) Does it comply with all privacy policy?

a) Cameras arranged and orientated correctly according to the privacy statement
b) Minimum applicable information (correctly placed and filled out sign)
c) Complete written internal information (how the images are treated and who treats them)
d) Respect of record keeping times

3) Did you get the necessary permissions in case an employee is framed?

a) RSU / RSA report (trade unions) if present
b) Request permission Labor Inspectorate in the absence of agreement or RSU